2009/10/06Important Notice for Lump Sum Birth Allowance

Adjustment for Lump Sum Birth Allowance
Under the National Health Insurance Program in Osaka, the amount of Lump Sum Birth Allowance which was aimed for urgent measures against the declining birthrate has increased to 420,000 yen from the previous 350,000 yen for your first child whose date of birth is between October 1st 2009 and March 31st 2010. (For second and younger children, the amount of 430,000 yen remains unchanged.) However, the allowance will be 390,000 yen if the hospital is not under the Obstetric Medical Compensation System. (For second and younger children, the amount will be 400,000 yen.)

* Previously, you had to make an application in your local ward office and medical institution in advance to receive Lump Sum Birth Allowance directly from the medical institution. However, you will submit an application to the medical institution only if your child was born after October 1st. Please inquire with the medical institution where you expect to give birth.

・If expenses for delivery exceed the allowance amount, you have to pay the excess amount to the medical institution.
・If the expenses for delivery are less than the allowance amount, your householder will receive the balance from the National Health Insurance Program. After you paid in hospital, please make an application to the Health Section in your local ward office.
・Since the limit amount from the medical institution is up to 420,000 yen, you should make an application for the balance of 10,000 yen at Health Section in your local ward office for your second and younger children.

Necessary Documents
National Health Insurance Card of your householder, Seal, Mother and Child Health Handbook, Bankbook of your householder and a certificate to prove the balance payment of expenses for delivery issued by medical institutions

Please note that the limit of applying for Lump Sum Birth Allowance, including applying for the balance payment is 2 years after delivery.

Health Section in your local ward office
Tel: Each ward office area code (4 digits) + 9956

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