2010/04/06Ward Offices Open on 4th Sundays

Service counters for each ward office (excludes branch offices) will be open from 9:00 to 17:30 on every 4th Sunday.

Services Available:

Resident Registration Department
Reporting of birth and marriage, change of address, school registration, personal seal registration, foreign resident registration, issuance of family registry, issuance of residence cards and more.

National Health Insurance and Pension Department
Procedures relating to applications for the National Health Insurance and National Pension upon changes in residence status, Health Care Insurance Plan for the Elderly and more.

※In addition to the services mentioned above, each ward office may also offer other services. For more information, please refer to your local ward office.

General Affairs Department (of each ward office)
TEL:06-(Ward Office #)-9625

Citizens' Affairs Bureau
TEL:06-6208-7324 FAX:06-6202-7074


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