2010/04/06National Health Insurance for Fiscal Year 2010

Health Insurance Premium
Residents who are under the National Health Insurance program will know their insurance premium amount during June. A notice form stating how much you need to pay for your insurance premium will be sent by post during mid-June.

Reduction of Insurance Premium for Persons without a Job
For persons who lost their job or left their job on March 31, 2009 or after, they may be eligible for a reduction in their health insurance premium.

In order to receive this reduction, you must possess a certificate of eligibility for unemployment insurance, and the certificate must contain a number within the following range (11, 12, 21-23, 31-34). If you fulfill these conditions, please apply at your local ward office's National Health Insurance Department.

For more on the National Health Insurance, please check here.
National Health Insurance Department (in your local ward office)

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