2010/01/08Prepare for Disasters!

January 17th is Disaster Preparation and Volunteer Day and from January 15th to January 21st is Disaster Preparation and Volunteer Week.

Fifteen years have already passed since the Great Hanshin Earthquake occurred on January 17th, 1995. We must recall the devastating effects of that earthquake in order to prepare for future disasters.

Osaka Disaster Prevention Net (Japanese, English, Chinese and Korean) provides information on weather, earthquakes and other natural disasters.
If you register, you will receive Disaster Prevention Information e-mails about caution about heavy rain, flood, typhoons, earthquakes and tsunamis. Evacuation instructions will be announced by Osaka Prefecture. This service is conducted by Osaka Prefecture and every municipality. Registration is free.

By the broadcast treaty, multilingual FM radio station, FM.COCOLO (76.5Mhz) provides disaster information in case of disaster. Get the right information and act in advance.
Inquiries: Office of Emergency Management, Osaka City
Tel: 06-6208-7388
Fax: 06-6202-3776

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