2009/12/08H1N1 influenza A Vaccination

For measures against H1N1 influenza A, vaccinations will be available. However, since the number of vaccinations is limited, the following people are specified as priority groups to receive the vaccination in advance.

Priority groups and necessary documents
1. Pregnant women: Mother and Child Health Handbook
2. Those who have underlying diseases (First priority or others): Certificate of Priority Groups (issued by a family doctor). You do not necessarily have to get the vaccination at your family doctor's clinic.
3. From 1 year old to 3rd grade elementary school children: Mother and Child Health Handbook and Health Insurance Card
4. Parents who have a child under 1 year old: Mother and Child Health Handbook, Health Insurance Card or Residence Certificate (Foreign Residence Certificate)
5. Parents of priority group's child who cannot get a vaccination because of physical reasons: Certificate of Priority Groups, Health Insurance Card and Residence Certificate (Foreign Residence Certificate)
6. From 4th grade elementary school students to high school students: Health Insurance Card, Student ID or Residence Certificate (Foreign Residence Certificate)
7. Persons who are over 65 years old: Health Insurance Card, Driving License or Residence Certificate (Foreign Residence Certificate)

Safety and Effectiveness of Vaccination
Generally, the N1H1 influenza vaccine is expected to be effective enough to stop the severity of the flu. However, it does not necessarily mean you are totally risk-free from the flu. There is also the possibility that side effects may occur after a vaccination. If you wish to receive a vaccination, please take into consideration the potential effects and risks.

For inquiries about medical institutions, medical costs or how to get a vaccination, please contact the N1H1 Influenza Telephone Counseling.

Inquiries: H1N1 Influenza Telephone Counseling
Weekday: 9:00 - 18:00
Tel: 06-6647-0956 Fax: 06-6647-1029

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