2009/08/10Specified Health Checkup for Persons Insured under the National Health Insurance

The Specified Health Checkup is helpful for the prevention of diabetes and high-blood pressure as well as the early discovery of other conditions. You can receive a specified health checkup at designated medical institutions in Osaka prefecture, elementary schools or welfare centers offering group medical examinations. To keep yourself healthy, get a specified health checkup once a year.

A Specified Health Checkup Voucher was sent at the end of April to persons 40 years old or over (including persons who will become 40 years old by the end of next March). If you haven't received or have lost the ticket, please contact the Insurance Section of your local ward office. (TEL: ward office number + 9956)

In addition, a Specified Welfare Counseling Voucher will be sent to persons deemed to be at a higher risk of lifestyle-related diseases and need to improve their lifestyle. For further information, please contact the Welfare Center Section of your local ward office. (TEL: ward office's number + 9882)

About Specified Health Checkup and Welfare Counseling (japanese only)

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