Physical & Mental Health Counseling

If I have a physical or mental disability am I eligible to receive financial benefits?

If you have registered and lived in Osaka as a foreign resident before January 1st 1982, you may be able to receive a monthly allowance of 20000 yen if the following conditions are met.

・If you were 20 years old before January 1st 1982 you must possess the following documents:
1. Identification booklet stating your physical disability (level 1 or 2)/mental disability (level 1)
2. An identification card proving your disability
3.Hospital certificate or medical booklet that issues the day of your disability before January 1st 1982

However, those who are already receiving public pension or livelihood protection are not eligible for these benefits.
For further information, please refer to your local ward office's National Health Insurance and Pension Section


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