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Is there a difference between a day care center (Hoikusho) and a pre-school (Yochien)?

Day Care Center: When the parent or guardian cannot be present to take care of their child because of work or because the child has disabilities, day care centers provide assistance until the child enters into elementary school. Apply at Public Health and Welfare Center in your local ward to enroll your child into a day care center.
List of Day Care Center in Osaka City (in japanese only)

Municipal pre-school: Pre-schools are for children 4 and 5 years of age with some cases of 3 year old children. The location of your residence is not a qualification for enrolling.
Applications to enter your child are submitted directly to the pre-school.
For further information consult the Kindergartens, Children's Care Division, Children and Youth Bureau (Tel:06-6208-8165)
List of Municipal pre-Schools in Osaka City (in japanese only)


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